Another advantage of eyelash tinting is that you don’t have to be worried about your mascara is running, even if you are doing sports or go to the beach. You can enjoy your day and night as well without makeup.

Normally eyelash tinting and eyebrow tinting last up to six weeks until the lashes fall out and are replaced by new hairs. This is a natural process even if your lashes and brows are not tinted

The rule number one of beauty treatments – choose the right salon or Spa! Eyelash tinting needs experience therefore it is important to go to a trained professional. Before you start with this treatment they will give you a patch test to make sure, that you are not allergic to the tint.

We are never using hair color, it is a special color for this sensitive part of your face. You can imagine it like a glaze, especially for your lashes. But also to protect the skin we apply a cream, such as Vaseline and put a thin cotton pad over it. This prevents the other parts from getting stained. The most popular color is black but you can also tint your lashes with brown or a dark blue, whatever you prefer. It is very important to stop using self-tanner one week before your eyelash tinting, because somethings the tanner can react with the eyelash tinting.

A complete eyelash tinting takes around 15 to 20 minutes. After your treatment you will have full, defined and beautiful lashes. You don’t have to apply and remove something, like with a mascara. Eyebrow tinting is always looking natural and does not clump. You just have to avoid oil based wipes, moisturizers and cleansers this will guarantee you long lasting and beautiful lashes.

Your Eyelash Tinting Specialist in Miami
Stylish Brows provides professional Eyelash tinting in Pembroke Pines. For us it is important to work with precision to create a defined and natural look according to your type. We are experts in beauty treatments which is why we work exclusively with high quality equipment to get perfect results.

If you have any questions or doubts, do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to welcoming you at Stylish Brows.

Total Price $40


  • Giulia Fantacci

    - Florida -

    After over a year of researching, I finally found Leslie! I am so happy with the result of my microblading. I had almost no hair and an old tattoo that changed color and then faded. after the microblading and touch up my life has changed. The shape of the brows is perfect and very harmonious with my face. The final result is bold but very natural. Leslie was very professional. She is a true artist. I highly recommend her to anyone. The salon is very clean, new and everyone is professional and friendly.

  • Julia Dossantos

    - Florida -

    Dominique was great and very informative! During she kept answering my questions and letting me know what was happening, made me feel really comfortable. It took about two hours to get it all done. Numbing cream really helped barely felt a thing. Would definitely recommend!

  • Deborah Stefan De Contreras

    - Florida -

    From the moment I went to do the evaluation to do the microblading on my eyebrows, I knew immediately that it was the perfect place. The place, the setting, the custom treatment, the handling of the technique, in my case Dominique, managed to cover the tattoo I had, thank you for the excellent work on my eyebrows, I feel happy with the super natural result. I recommend 100 %.

  • Darlene Presley-Durant

    - Florida -

    In the last two months, I've gone to Stylish Brows for microblading by Dominique and permanent eyeliner by Leslie. The salon is very clean and neat and the staff is extremely professional. I am completely satisfied with their service. I would recommend them to anyone who may be interested in looking and feeling better.

  • Maureen Shirley

    - Florida -

    I opened my eyes and saw a set of brows that I made me blush and smile all the way home! GO SEE DOMINIQUE AT STYLISH BROWS IN PLANTATION!! I am me with fuller, more natural looking brows!! I just started dating again after a number of years out of the game. My guy saw me and said 'Babe, I can't figure out what you did but you look hot!' It's my secret...but I am going to shout it from the rooftop! Microblading is the way to go! I have now gotten ride of 4 brow products. It is worth the price for this look!!

  • Julianna Llorens

    - Florida -

    This is the best place to get your eyebrows microbladed. Everyone is so nice and welcoming. Dominique did my eyebrows and let me tell you I am so happy she did!!!!! It feels amazing waking up with beautiful brows! Thank you guys so much

  • Natasha Alexandra

    - Florida -

    absolutely love how my eyebrows came out! Dominique made the procedure as pain free as possible and made sure I was comfortable throughout the whole process. I went in a little nervous and she quickly calmed my nerves and answered any question I had thoroughly. She talked me through the whole procedure and let me know everything she was doing. I highly recommend this location and Dominique!

  • Shawna Lee

    - West Palm Beach -

    I absolutly recommend Stylish Brows to anyone looking to have microblading done. Leslie truly is amazing, and an awesome eyebrow artist!

  • Em Chung

    - Pembroke Pines -

    I went to Stylish Brows after a not so great experience at another place. Leslie from Stylish Brows is amazing. The experience was great her bedside manners and technique make for a wonderful experience. I will recommend her and sing her praises to everyone i know.

  • Barbara Richter

    - Hialeah -

    I had my brows done by Leslie and I'm so happy, happy!! She is a true artist, very professional, calm and patient. I love my brows!!

  • Anne M. Cerrato

    - Doral -

    "I was extremely apprehensive to do microblading, but I can honestly say that Leslie, the owner was amazing!"..." Hands down, the best decision I made. Super happy even before seeing full results..."

  • Gina Hnz

    - MIAMI -

    I went to Stylish Brows after a not so great experience at another place. Leslie from Stylish Brows is amazing. The experience was great her bedside manners and technique make for a wonderful experience. I will recommend her and sing her praises to everyone I know.

  • Chrissy Pulido

    - Fort Lauderdale -

    I had my brows done by Leslie and I'm so happy, happy!! She is a true artist, very professional, calm and patient. I love my brows!!

  • Priscila Caballero

    - Hialeah -

    I love Stylish Brows! Leslie did such a great job on my eyebrows I just love them. I highly recommended it I can't wait until she opens her salon in Plantation, best of luck.

  • Susan Brown

    - Southwest Ranches -

    I visited Stylish Brows to do my eyebrow extensions and it was a great experience. Leslie is a professional and did a great job. The quality of the material she uses is really amazing, looked so natural and lasted for 2 weeks. She offers a great range of services that are really worth the money. Will come back to get my touch up soon.

  • Lisa Wilson

    - Sunrise -

    Leslie did such a great job with my eyebrows! She picked the right shape and pigment color to match my face and hair, very satisfied!

  • Margaret Miller


    Very happy with the results! i will definitely repeat and recommend, great service.

  • Melissa Hernandez

    - Cooper City -

    It looks brilliant!! after a couple of years i can say that finally i have eyebrows!! Leslie was awesome, everything was just perfect, i will recommend it to everybody!

  • Sandra White

    - Weston -

    I had an amazing experience with Leslie. She is very professional and makes you feel comfortable. My eyebrows look amazing! I would definitely recommend her.

  • Emma Tapia

    - Miramar -

    I can’t say enough positive things about Leslie and the amazing job she did. She truly cares about what she does and was able to put me at ease with her knowledge and patience. i recommend her 100%. Thank you again.

  • Lydia Enriquez

    - Plantation -

    Leslie did my brows and she is amazing"..."Her salon is flawless, the staff is very friendly and she is a consemate professional"..."My brows look amazing and everyone I know is asking for a referral"..."Definitely recommend Stylish Brows to anyone looking to have microblading done



Eyelash tinting lasts 3-4 weeks fading gradually


If your lashes and brow hairs are light in color. Perfect naturally light brows or lashes, gray/white or faded brows and lashes that can only be seen with daily applications of mascara or eyebrow pencil.


Of course! You can choose from 2 shades. Darkest brown or medium brown tint.


All eye makeup and mascara is removed (best to come without makeup) Vaseline is applied around the eyebrows and upper/lower eyelids. Permanent tint solution is carefully applied to the brows and lashes for 1-2 minutes. This is repeated to achieve a deeper color. The area is cleaned with a gentle cleanser.


Yes, all makeup is removed during the eyelash tinting procedure, except do not wear waterproof eye makeup or mascara. If possible, its best to come without makeup on.


Yes, absolutely! No need to wait some hours to apply makeup after an eyelash tinting.


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